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N-Key Rollover


Key rollover (KRO) determines how many keys can be pressed and recognized at the same time.

By default, our firmware supports 6-key rollover (6KRO). This means you can press six keys simultaneously, in addition to the eight modifier keys (Left and Right Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Command).

For most users, 6KRO is more than sufficient. However for use cases such as gaming or stenography, you may find it necessary to enable 12KRO or NKRO.


As the default, 6KRO strikes a good balance between practicality and compatibility across a large range of computer systems.


For users that need more than 6 simultaneous keys, 12KRO is recommended for maximizing compatibility.


Full n-key rollover (NKRO) is recommended for users that need more than 12KRO. While modern operating systems should have no issue handling NKRO, there may be compatibility issues with BIOS on certain computer motherboards.

Keymap Configurator

When using the keymap configurator, the key rollover setting can be modified by clicking the ⚙ button on the right side of the "Build Firmware" button on the main keymap configuration page.

Important Information

After changing the firmware key rollover settings, it is strongly suggested that you test the new keyboard firmware over USB to confirm that the new configuration is compatible with your computer. This means either using the dongle USB output or by plugging in the central half.

For devices that connect to the central wirelessly, you may need to reestablish the Bluetooth bond between the device and central. This is easy to do by clearing each Bluetooth profile that is in use. This is necessary because many devices will remember the old key-rollover settings until the bond is reestablished.