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ZMK Firmware

ZMK is the official firmware for SliceMK keyboards as it's extremely customizable and designed with wireless in mind.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable keymap
  • Up to 32 keyboard layers
  • Flexibility with behaviors such as mod-tap, sticky keys, caps word, among many others
  • Use as a USB keyboard with a dongle or have a fully-Bluetooth setup with one of the halves as the central (see details)
  • Seamlessly switch between multiple Bluetooth devices (phones, tablets, computers, etc) using user defined keys
  • Low power consumption and long battery life

Keymap Configurator

Most users rely on the online keymap configurator for firmware customization. There's no coding required and no need to install anything locally! Updating the firmware is as easy as copying a file to a virtual drive!

GitHub Actions Workflow

Advanced users may prefer to build the ZMK firmware using the GitHub Actions workflow. Please refer to the slicemk/ergodox-zmk-config repository for additional information on how to use this alternative workflow.

You may prefer the GitHub Actions workflow if:

  • You want to edit the .keymap file directly in your text editor of choice.
  • You want to use a custom ZMK fork that integrates unmerged pull requests.
  • You want to modify Kconfig options outside of those supported by the configurator.

Local Build Environment

Power users, particularly those with a programming background, may prefer building locally. This may be useful if you want to add custom C code and implement functionality beyond what is officially supported by ZMK.

Please refer to the ZMK documentation for instructions on setting up a local build environment.

ZMK Studio

ZMK developers are currently working on ZMK Studio, which will provide over-the-air real-time keymap configuration similar to QMK's Via and Vial. You may find additional information and track the current progress by checking the #studio-* channels on the ZMK Discord (invite).

Currently there is no firm estimate for when ZMK Studio will be complete. However once it's officially released, it will be available to to all users via a simple firmware upgrade.