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MX Compatible Switches

SliceMK regular profile keyboards come with hot-swap sockets for MX compatible switches. While MX switches originally referred to a specific line of switches manufactured by Cherry, nowadays there are countless compatible options from dozens of manufacturers.

The number of switches needed depends on the keyboard model. As a rule of thumb, we recommend purchasing 10-20 extra switches to have as backup.


If you are interested in a low profile keyboard with Kailh Choc V1 switches, check out the ErgoDoxLP Wireless!

Below is a list of some popular switch options. However this list is in no way exhaustive.

  • Cherry MX Clear/Blue/Brown/Black/Red/Green
  • Gateron Brown/White/Yellow/Black/Green/Blue/Red
  • Drop Halo Clear/True
  • Kailh Blue/Brown/Red
  • Kailh Speed Silver/Copper/Bronze/Gold
  • Kailh Box (many variants)
  • Zeal Zilent/Zealios

If you are not certain whether the specific switch that you want to use will be compatible, please send us a message and we'll help you figure it out!

Incompatible Switches

Please avoid purchasing the following switches for your MX compatible SliceMK keyboard as they are not compatible:

  • Low Profile Switches
  • Hall Effect Switches
  • Optical Switches

3-Pin vs 5-Pin Switches

MX compatible switches come in two variants, a 3-pin "plate mount" version and a 5-pin "PCB mount" version. Both can be used with the ErgoDox Wireless Lite/Pro. The plate mount switch requires a plate, which the ErgoDox Wireless includes. The PCB mount switch requires two additional mounting holes on the PCB, which the ErgoDox Wireless also includes.

RGB vs Non-RGB Switches

Some switches are available in a RGB variant with a transparent housing and a non-RGB variant with an opaque housing. SliceMK wireless keyboards do not utilize per-key LEDs so either variant can be used.

RGB underglow, which is included with newer SliceMK keyboard models, is not impacted by the transparency of the switch housing.